Don Savage Auctions will . . .

Establish a proposed sale budget as a guideline to sale expenditures.

Collect all information and place advertising, meeting deadlines and costs established in the budget.

Collect all pertinent information for the catalogue; drawing and typing up a draft catalogue for the typesetter and printer as well as proofreading.

When necessary, assist in booking a suitable sale facility.

Mail all the catalogues, at cost, from our established up-to-date breeders mail list.

Supply necessary clerks and cashiers sale day, at Don Savage Auction's costs, along with the necessary equipment and office supplies required.

Collect accounts sale day and invoice buyers not present at the sale.

Pay all sale expenses incurred following the sale.

Disburse funds after the sale; fifty percent paid sale day, the remaining portion paid after ten banking days or when the invoiced funds have been received.

Complete transfer information on all registrations and forwarding them to the breed association for processing.

Promote the sale to all interested cattlemen through personal contact so that the seller may realize the best possible results.

Promote your program year round whether it is a breeder's sale, a production sale, a consignment sale or an Association-sponsored event.


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